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Salman's bail

A shrewd lawyer saves a tainted actor

A shrewd lawyer saves a tainted actor
08May 15
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In a huge relief to actor Salman Khan, the Bombay HC on Friday suspended his 5-year sentence in the 2002 hit-and-run case.The former Solicitor General of India and one of the top most lawyers of India, Harish Salve landed from Delhi to get Salman Khan a bail. What's Salve's history?
To begin with, Harish Salve was the counsel for infamous Italian Marines who killed Kerala fishermen in Feb 2012. The marines left India- never to return. 

However, lets return to his latest case - Salman's hit and run. 
What happens when a rich man that too actor drunk with his power kills innocent people and give the others life long disabilities. Salman was granted bail pending his appeal against conviction, his liberty thus remains uncurtailed.  The judge Abhay M Thipsay directed Salman Khan to surrender before the trial court and furnish a fresh bail bond of Rs.30,000.

The former Solicitor General of India and one of the top most lawyers of India, Harish Salve himself, landed from Delhi to get Salman Khan a bail.
This is India where personality cult is so strong that people can not tolerate justice if it is against a famous leader or an actor. It has been shown in the spat of social media messages. Justice is ridiculed when lawyers like Salve come to rescue of killers. He will definitely support Salman Khan as killing a road side home less person is not a big deal for these people. Salve, who is believed to take around 35 lakh per hearing, saved Salman Khan and got bail with in 10 minutes.

Does the law apply to Harish Salve's Bentley?

The most vicious fact of this case is that Salve himself has been involved in a road accident that killed an innocent person. Barely any media group highlighted this news. The accident took place in May 2014. Harish Salve’s car was involved in an accident at the Rajpath-Mansingh Road crossing leaving the driver of the other vehicle, Mr. Joginder, seriously injured. 
Mr. Joginder was admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital after the accident.
Joginder was an employee of the Le Meridien hotel. It is to be noted that Salve himself did not approach police rather it was an unknown caller who informed police about the accident. Joginder died on the day of accident itself in the ICU of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia hospital. Here is the shocking part: On Salve’s instructions, a case of rash and negligent driving was filed against Joginder at the Parliament Street police station based on the complaint filed by Salve’s driver Arvind Pande. After all he was the driver of a shrewd lawyer.
Dramtically, later, Salve withdrew the FIR. The poor family of the dead person hails from Haridwar. They wanted to file a case against Salve. 
But how can a poor family fight a legal battle against the “The Harish Salve”?

The undisputed facts

What we know for sure is that a man died in a car accident involving two cars - A Wagon R (driven by the man who died) and a Bentley (owned by Mr. Harish Salve).  Does the law not require a police investigation into culpability after registration of an FIR?No police investigation was done in this case, even when a poor man died as a result of the accident. Why did no legal proceeding took place against Mr. Salve? Did law take its course in Salve’s accident case? No one knows, or cares.

Shrewd helps the tainted

Now, the same man has helped actor Salman Khan in a similar case to go scot free even after he is convicted in the sessions court.
This is the sorry state of our system where money and muscle power does play a role.
Unfortunately, many fanboys are so emotional that they are prepared forgive crimes if committed by stars. People can stop having food in their support. Social media is used to insult people living on streets.
 It is just the weak and poor who suffer. People like Salman commit crimes, kill endangered animals, beat the women they claim to love and then hire lawyers like Salve who use their own personal experiences and clout in saving the criminals.

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